Tianjin 2017 WTA – Daily & Full Draw Predictions

Tianjin Open 2017 Predictions

Daily Predictions


Sharapova d. Sabalenka in threeBattle of the grunters! Sabalenka has been playing amazing tennis this week – I wouldn’t be surprised to see her take a set but in her first WTA final and whilst playing her idol, she’ll probably feel some nerves. Sharapova’s experience should bring her to her 36th career title.


Sharapova d. Peng in threeCould be tight, if it goes three I’ll go with Sharapova as Peng’s taped up knee is still a factor. Sharapova also leads the head to head 5-1.

Sabalenka d. Errani in threeThis could be soooooo funny! Errani who usually goes on the defense vs Sabalenka who doesn’t care about anything and just hits the ball super hard – who will win? I’ll pick the latter here as the Italian has played loads of tennis in Tianjin thus far.


Sharapova d. Voegele in two Think Sharapova will be too big a step for Voegele.

Peng d. Sorribes Tormo in twoPeng is clearly the better player and should be able to wrap this up comfortably.

McHale d. Errani in threeMcHale has been excellent this Asian swing, notching 12 wins in Asia. Whilst Errani has been excellent in her comeback, and she leads the head to head 4-2, McHale has won their two previous matches comfortably and I don’t see what Errani can do against a confident McHale.

Sabalenka d. Zhu in three Sabalenka on her day but you don’t know which type of Sabalenka will arrive!

Round 2

Sharapova d. Linette in two – Sharapova’s quality should shine through here.

Putintseva d. Voegele in three – While I think Voegele has a shot at this, I think she’ll be driven crazy with the solid game of Putintseva.

Peng d. X.Wang in two – Peng for the win.

Sorribes Tormo d. Y.Wang in three – Y.Wang had probably her biggest win over Riske but I suspect she won’t be able to back it up against Sorribes Tormo who probably won’t miss anything.

Sakkari d. McHale in three – Think Sakkari will be way too solid.

Haddad Maia d. Errani in two – We’ll see if Haddad Maia can handle Errani’s lack of pace. If she can, she should be able to win this.

Duan d. Sabalenka in threeBattle of the big hitters! It’s probably a rare occasion that Duan’s opponent is even more erratic than her haha. I think she should be able to rely on the crowd and win this.

Hsieh d. Zhu in twoDidn’t watch Zhu’s win over Kvitova so I’m not really sure about this one. 

Round 1

Sharapova d. Begu in twoI think Sharapova has a real shot at the title and she should comfortably power past Begu who hasn’t had many good results other than the Bucharest title.

Bondarenko d. Linette in threeLinette won their previous encounter but Bondarenko is the in-form player having won her first WTA title in 9 years in Tashkent.

Voegele d. Ahn in three Both players have been uninspiring of late – I’ll pick Voegele who had a couple of matches here already.

Putintseva d. Davis in three – Both players are probably low in confidence with Putintseva on a four-match losing streak while Davis has lost her last seven of eight matches. I think playing qualifying will do good for Davis but she’s been playing too badly of late I can’t pick her at all.

Peng d. Guo in twoSo it seems like Peng’s decided to play in Tianjin. As bad as her injury may be, she should probably get past a World No.333 easily.

Kovinic d. X.Wang in two – Kovinic has dropped all the way outside of the top 100 but she can’t lose to a World No.932 can she? Kovinic has also done very well in Tianjin before, reaching the final back in 2015.

Sorribes Tormo d. Rodionova in three – This could go either way, going with the more consistent but unspectacular Sorribes Tormo as Rodionova can go erratic sometimes.

Riske d. Y.Wang in twoRiske reached the final in 2016 and is another player who does extremely well in China, especially Tianjin.

Sakkari d. Liu in threeI am not really sure Sakkari can back up that amazing run in Wuhan but Sakkari should get through eventually.

McHale d. Hibino in three – Both are having unspectacular years but McHale has found some form of late. McHale also won their only previous encounter.

Errani d. Kozlova in threeWelcome back on the tour, Sara! It will be a first top 100 player for her since her ban but her qualifying scorelines seemed super impressive.

Haddad Maia d. Vekic in threeJust my instinct on this one… Vekic actually won their previous encounter in the US Open extremely comfortably 🙈

Tsurenko d. Duan in three Could go both ways, Tsurenko’s been struggling a little but Duan could go mad with Tsurenko’s super solid counter-punching game.

Han d. Sabalenka in three I don’t think I have seen a Han match before. Sabalenka can win on her day but with her wild aggressive nature those days can be rare.

Hsieh d. Lu in two – Don’t know much about Lu.

Kvitova d. Zhu in twoGood draw on paper for Kvitova.

Full Draw Predictions

Sorribes Tormo
Haddad Maia

Haddad Maia

Haddad Maia